Six Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Photography Career

Six Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Photography Career

Ismail Sirdah
Bad habits happen without thinking things through. They are not done on purpose and can be hard to curb. There are ways of stopping yourself from making the same mistakes over and over. There are many habits that photographers like Ismail Sirdah try to stay away from. Here are a few habits that he agrees can kill a photography career before it even starts.

Bright shots

Detail become distorted if photographed in direct daylight. It’s something needed prior due to the brightness that photographers tried to capture. It helped to brighten the photograph up more. But, photographers have found that with the brightness also comes obscurity. Many details that were within the photograph become distorted or completely disappear. This is due to the brightness of the daylight. Photographs become brighter without distorting the photograph completely with direct daylight. This picture of Ismail Sirdah shows how you can use light to contrast a portrait and make it special. No direct daylight is being used at the time of this photograph.

Backgrounds matter

Make sure that you look at all aspects of the picture. There could be something in the background that will offset the picture completely. If it doesn’t fit then don’t take the picture. It’s as simple as that. Some things that can completely ruin a photograph are utility poles and lines. Objects like these are in bad photographs many times. Use blurring to make the background look further in the distance too.

Be different

Everyone can take a picture of a statue or building. It is how they do it that can make a photographer stand out from the rest. Try taking the photo from a different angle or use a different lens. It is the perspective that will make your photograph stand out. Be different not boring.

Be at the correct level

Not everyone is the same height. We know this. It is important to be at the correct eye level for your photographs. If the person is shorter than you or if you are photographing a child then get down to their level. It will not only make the picture must better but it will make it much easier to take the photos as well. When shooting downward you add an ugly shot of the ground or grass underneath your subject. It is much nicer to look up or straightforward for a photograph.

The correct usage of black and white photography

Black and white photography is often looked at as being something of the past. But it can be exciting and great to use in today’s age too. Many photographs that can make a bigger statement by contrasting to black and white. There are many places to learn about black and white photography. One mistake is deciding on the wrong photo to change to black and white. It is never good to change a photo with blurred images to black and white. This will make the photograph warped and faded. Blurred black and white photographs point to a photographers inexperience. It could also mean that it is time to upgrade equipment.

Distorted with watermarks

So we all know and understand that theft is real in the world. This includes everything. Yes. That means photography too. Many photographers put huge watermarks over their work. The problem with that is it takes away from the beauty of the photo. People no longer want to see your work because the only thing they can see is this watermark. It stretches across the photograph saying you don’t want anyone to take your work. I get the concept. You are trying to protect yourself and your work. The thing is that thieves can find a way around that thing you put on the front of your photograph. There are many software programs out there today that can help them erase it. So, in the end, you have not only been a victim of theft but you have ruined your photographs for nothing as well.

There are plenty of other habits that all photographers should try to break as soon as they can. There are also plenty of other common bad habits like not having charged batteries. Also, make sure to have gear prepared and ready for those spontaneous shots as well. Make sure you take the time you need for each shot and give it your best no matter what. Avoid these bad habits and take your time and you will be on your way to the next best shot.

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